What is shared-responsibility-model?

When considering and evaluating the use of cloud services, it is crucial to understand the shared responsibility model and the respective security responsibilities of both the cloud provider and yourself. Many security risks stem from the client's software design, which the cloud providers or hosts cannot fully control. After all, the more secure the defense mechanisms are, the more restrictions there are, which can significantly hinder usability.

Therefore, based on this premise, to establish a good and secure usage environment, cloud providers and hosts have established a shared responsibility model. This model divides cloud security into two parts: the fundamental environmental security, which the cloud providers and hosts are responsible for, ensuring the "security of the cloud itself," and the software service security, which the users are responsible for, ensuring the "security within the cloud."

YuanJhen info. Basic Service Shared Responsibility Model

To provide a clearer understanding for Yuanzhen Information's clients regarding usage guidelines and actual responsibilities, the information is organized as follows:

Scope of Risks Assumed by the User

User Personal Data:

  • User's personal information
  • Uploaded files
  • Data generated by other users or programs

Platform, Program, and Related Permission Control:

  • User program frontend/backend
  • Program code itself
  • Permissions for logging into the platform (cpanel), frameworks (WP), and program code operations

OS, Network, Firewall:

If managed services by Yuanzhen or using Yuanzhen's virtual hosting, firewall management will be handled by Yuanzhen Information
  • Operating systems (Almalinux, Ubuntu, etc.)
  • External network port control
  • Firewall

YuanJhen info. commits to assume the risk scope borne by lease users


  • Data center environment and access control
  • Data center connectivity
  • Stable services with exchange centers

Hardware Equipment:

  • Maintenance and replacement of internal server components
  • Maintenance and replacement of network hardware such as routers/switches

Platform Base:

  • FTP upload space
  • Image gallery space
  • Underlying virtualization

Cloud information security, safeguarded by both you and me

Through the delineation of the shared responsibility model, customers can confidently entrust all security management based on cloud infrastructure to cloud providers and hosts, allowing themselves to focus solely on implementing necessary security measures for software applications. Through bilateral collaboration, information security can be effectively managed.