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About 遠振資訊

YuanJhen info.


Since 2006, YuanJhen info. has been pioneering the market with cloud services, cultivating deep expertise in various internet technologies and server management. With over 50,000 users worldwide, we assist major enterprises in smoothly navigating their internet development ventures. YuanJhen info. remains committed to serving customers with integrity, continuously innovating technologies and enhancing quality in pursuit of excellence. Our goal is to bring valuable internet ventures to business owners, leveraging the borderless virtual environment of the internet to move towards internationalization.

Cloud Hosting & Website Security Expert

4G+ Core Values

We adhere to the 4G+ benchmark concept of "enterprise-grade quality, attentive customer service, forward-looking global vision, and environmentally friendly IT environment." Continuously, we provide professional, practical, stable, reliable, excellent technology, and the best value-for-money services to major enterprises. We treat our customers like friends; to us, they are not just clients but also good partners in creating internet ventures together.

Good Quality

We firmly believe that quality is the key to success. YuanJhen info. is dedicated to providing stable, secure internet services to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.


Great Service


One of the core values ​​of our corporate culture is to provide attentive service. We continuously strive to meet customer needs and establish long-term cooperative relationships based on this foundation.

Global View

In the trend of globalization, we remain rooted in Taiwan, empowering local businesses to expand their global outlook. We provide the most crucial internet services of this century, including stable hosting and cloud solutions. Through continuous development and the introduction of new technologies, we are committed to meeting the needs of customers at different stages of development.


Green IT

To support environmental protection, YuanJhen info. adopts energy-saving servers across all product lines. Whether you choose hosting or virtual hosting services, we are committed to reducing energy consumption, minimizing carbon emissions, and creating a more environmentally friendly IT environment. We are dedicated to protecting the earth and public environment.



Why Choose YuanJhen info.?


Experienced Technical Team

YuanJhen info. specializes in professional technical services encompassing Linux and Windows Server system management, Cisco/Juniper network management, information security, and more. Our internal engineers are all certified by Red Hat, ensuring a high level of expertise and experience. With our professional technical skills and knowledge, we are committed to providing you with superior service and support.

Top-tier Product Services

We adopt a clustered management approach, effectively reducing our own management costs. This allows us to offer hosting services at highly competitive and cost-effective prices, making them extremely valuable for both small and medium-sized enterprises as well as individuals.

365 x 24 Care

YuanJhen info. is dedicated to providing your website with the best experience possible. With our 365 days, 24/7 Chinese engineer online customer service, your website receives meticulous care around the clock. We aim to alleviate your management costs. If you're unsure about specifications, we also offer comprehensive planning services to meet any needs arising from your business growth. You can focus solely on managing your business while we take care of the rest.


YuanJhen info.'s Top Ten Advantages

Top Ten Advantages


24/7 Chinese Customer Service

Expert Engineers

Cost-Effective Hosting Services

Clustered Management Approach

Continuous Support

Comprehensive Planning Services

Focus on Business Operations

Security and Reliability

Flexibility and Scalability

Commitment to Excellence


Our Partners



YuanJhen's users include over 50,000 individuals and entities such as major enterprises, personal studios, bloggers, web designers, educational institutions, government agencies, artists, and nonprofit organizations. The majority of our users are drawn to our services by word-of-mouth recommendations and our strong reputation. As of now, our customer base continues to grow steadily, demonstrating the utmost confidence and approval from our users towards YuanJhen.