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What is Colocation?

Colocation (known as Colo, or co-location), or data center colocation, is a service that offers a space in a data center for rental to host a business's computing hardware and servers.

Colocation data center service offers a secure and controlled physical infrastructure of the building with redundant power, a cooling system, physical security, and server, storage, and network equipment support.

Colocation hosting is ideal for enterprises and businesses with the budget and resources to buy hardware, reduce building costs, and maintain their own IDC. You place your own servers in certified ISO27001 of data centers to keep IT infrastructure operating in an optimal environment.

What is Colocation? Hosting Service from Chunghwa Telecom | Yuan-Jhen

Benefits of Data Center Colocation service

Benefit from a secure data center colocation service that provides a secure and high-performance environment for your IT infrastructure.

  1. Cost savings: you adequate to reduce the cost to invest in building and maintaining your own data center facility. It can significantly reduce power, cooling system, security, and staffing costs.
  2. Reliability and scalability: Colocation data center services are flexible and scalable, allowing you to easily and quickly change business needs, such as expand racks and storage requirements. Your servers are placed in redundant infrastructure, guaranteed reliable uptimes and stable power.
  3. Disaster recovery and business continuity: Our facility is designed to withstand natural disasters and other disruptions, with robust disaster recovery and business continuity solutions that ensure your critical data and applications remain available in an emergency.
  4. Improved security and compliance: Colocation data center services offer higher levels of security than in-house data centers, with advanced security features and support from certified data center colocation providers.
  5. Geographic proximity: benefits of interconnection colocation to assure low latency, improved network connection performance, and increased security with facilities in strategic places worldwide.

Colocation Pricing



Cabinet size


Cabinet size


Cabinet size


Cabinet size

✓ Provide one 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port

✓ Provides AC110V electrical outlet for each rack cabinet

✓ 19-inch standard cabinet

✓ The PC is about 4U

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Data Center Colocation Discount

Benefits of Data Center Colocation service, co-locations services|Yuan-Jhen

Special Price

Bandwidth 5M Cabinet of 6U

one month free if pay annual

  • Provide daily, weekly, monthly, and annual traffic reports.
  • Web-based network traffic monitoring.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 network operation center and network monitor.
  • Assigning fixed IPs depends on the amount of  the Internet bandwidth.
  • Provide 24-hour reboot service.
  • Server room entry for maintenance is allowed with the accompanied by our staff, at most once a week, and no more than three hours each time.
  • The billing cycle is from the 1st to the end of each month.
  • The hosting payment due date is within seven days from the activation date. Lease cancellation must be submitted 15 days in advance. The cancellation fee before the expiration day is US$200.
  • The same customer using the same type of service and the same area (K-row server cabinet) can share the same network segment and bandwidth.

Yuan Jhen Data Center Colocation Features

ISO 27001 Certifed Tier 3 Data Center
Certified ISO 27001, Uptime Tier 3 Data Center in Taiwan, connected to Chunghwa Telecom directly, operates carrier-neutral data centers in Taiwan with global connectivity and 24x7x365 support.
Our Taiwan location is suitable for businesses looking for the benefits of colocation customization without spending the substantial time and capital investment required to start from the ground up.
High-speed, highly connected, network-centric
Using BGP network architecture, a robust fiber network is directly connected to Chungwha HiNet telecom company, ensuring resilient, stable connectivity between sites, optimizing the network's performance, dedicated access, safe and reliable high speed.
24/7 Multi-layer security
Adhere to strict physical security protocols and offer protection against cyberattacks. Our data center is controlled 24x7x365 on-site security staff, card access, biometrics and keycard scanners, CCTV cameras, cabinets, and cages with custom security, monitor, and video archive.
24/7 hands-on expert support
Yuan Jhen is available and ready to solve any urgent problems right away. We support around-the-clock on-demand via hotline, ticket, email, and live chat. Our engineers are qualified with RHCE and provide you with the most professional IT service.
Flexibility and Scalability
Scalability is possible and cost-effective when your business grows over time. You can flexibly expand rack space and adjust to higher bandwidth levels to accommodate traffic demand or equipment in the facility.
IPMI remote control KVM
Reboot the server remotely and fully control the screen, keyboard, and mouse board yourself.
Affordable price
Colocation is a comprehensive plan with powerful hardware and diverse configuration at affordable prices. Monthly billing is available.
Simplify deployment with data center experts
Our experts will assist you in planning and customizing private cages, single cabinets, or special requirements suitable for your server specifications needs and assist in the migration process.

What is a data center (IDC)?

A data center is a significant physical building that centralizes an organization's IT infrastructure operations and equipment to store, manage, process, and distribute data and applications. Data centers typically have advanced cooling, power supply, and security systems to ensure the continuous and efficient operation of the equipment inside.

Enhanced Performance, Security & Reliable from Colocation Data Center

  1. FET TPKC: IDC data center strategically stationed themselves in Taiwan's top network exchange centers, Chunghwa TWIX and TPIX, directly linked to Chunghwa Telecom's HiNet network and professional IDC data center through their fiber connection.
  2. Facilities: Space (Total 10260 ft2 = 285 pings)
    Hosting Center 5400 ft2 = 150 pings
    Pre-installed 172 racks
    VIP(7 rooms) 650 ~ 1000 ft2 = 18 ~ 28 pings
  3. Power supply: UPS 2N with 15 minutes for battery power backup, two-color power tray with busway design. Power per rack of 6kVA~12kVA.
  4. Cooling system - CRACs N+1 Chillers provide:
    Conventional air-cooled racks
    Water-cooled racks
    Floor tiles
    Cooling towers
    Water loop pumps for high-density cooling
  5. World-class standards data center colocation: Fire-resistant and earthquake-resistant IDC data center.
    High-speed network and connectivity with domestic IP backbone network bandwidth
    24/7/365 high levels of security access control
    C2C and APCN2 international submarine cable systems provide high-speed connectivity between countries across the Asia-Pacific region.
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Colocation FAQ

We provide a standard 19-inch server rack cabinet; our colocation service includes 6U, 12U, 18U, and 42U. If you have any inquiries about our data center colocation in Taiwan, please contact us via email: or fill out the consultation form.
Yuan Jhen colocation hosting includes essential server maintenance and management. However, if you require more advanced server management services, you can purchase additional Proactive Server Management service. Please get in touch with us or fill out the inquiry form to contact us.
If your organization lacks technical people or experienced IT, you are strongly advised to use additional server administration services. Further, meet any of the following standards. It would be best if you considered outsourcing your server hosting to a qualified server provider:
  • You want to save money for building a data center, air conditioning, servers, and other equipment.
  • You require more secure and experienced data center management services.
  • You require 24-hour network monitoring, system management, and engineering support.
  • You want to efficiently extend the lifetime of your server and related network equipment.
  • You require faster and more flexible connection bandwidth services.
  • It would be best if you used high-end servers and specialized equipment.
Proactive Server Management
  1. Cost-effective pricing compared to ISP.
  2. No binding contracts or setup fees.
  3. Professional IDC facilities with earthquake resistance and uninterrupted power supply.
  4. IDC facilities are certified with ISO 27001, 27011, and 20000.
  5. Reliable network infrastructure with 24x7x365 monitoring.
  6. Domestic IP broadband backbone network, providing reliable and fast connections.
  7. C2C and APCN-2 submarine cable systems ensure high-speed fiber optic connectivity to international destinations.