Linux SSD Single Domain Web Hosting


Application and Trial

US$120 Year
two months free if pay annual

Application and Trial

US$480 Year
two months free if pay annual

What is single domain hosting? Single domain web hosting provides flexibly website space resources|Yuan-Jhen

Linux SSD Single Domain Web Hosting

Linux SSD Single Domain Web Hosting plan goes with your business growth, helps you flexibly use website space resources. Full SSD configuration of virtual hosting is established for high speed! There are many built-in pre-installed programs. Multi-application installation takes only 30 seconds. Suitable for business and personal websites.

Single domain web hosting plan provides a 25% off for new users, free SSL, subdomain, malware scanner, 24/7 technical support, and web hosting free trial or transfer service.

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Discount for new users, with free website transfer service!

From now on, purchase hosting from Yuan-Jhen for the first time can enjoy a 25% discount for the first year! (Annual payment needed) We also provide a free hosting transfer service for those who want to transfer from other hosting providers to Yuan-Jhen!
Free Website Transition
Transferring Service Form

Free additional service of Web Hosting

Web hosting has built-in cPanel AutoSSL, and you can install free SSL in just one click. Full SSD, malware scanning, and free Jetbackup to keep your website safe, fast site speeds, and gain trust from your customers!
Free SSL Installation

24x7x365 technical support

Yuan-Jhen provides the professional technical team is on call for 24/7/365, just like your personal IT team! Our engineers are qualified with RHCE, provide you the most professional IT service.

Single domain web hosting is best to host on one hosting account|Yuan-Jhen

Enjoy the large space and high traffic with a real bargain

Three features of web hosting, the best choice for website setup

 Easy to get the hang of ✔ Setup cost saving ✔ 24/7/365 professional engineering service 

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is also known as Virtual Hosting, Shared Web Hosting, Web Space, and Server Space. Web hosting is to share its resources to multiple hosting with a single server, and each hosting has different specifications. Web hosting will be managed by the professional technician of the provider, with sufficient bandwidth and traffic. Users can save the cost of hardware, software, and also management cost. Not only this plan fits the enterprise that is lacking IT staff, but it also lowers the construction cost!

Who needs web hosting?

✔ Basic website (blog, personal website)
✔ A website with the need of traffic stability
✔ Lack of IT staff
✔ A website just starts up and with a low budget.


Details of the Single Domain Web Hosting Service

  •  Server Room Location:FETnet(ISO-27001 Certification)
  •  Internet Connection:BGP optimized routing and direct peering connection to HiNet without going through third-party ISPs.

Application Support

Program support and Email Service

Most Popular Plan

How does web hosting work? The best choice for building website|Yuan-Jhen


US$240 Year

two months free if pay annual



Best Web Hosting Recommendations

In addition to Single Domain Web Hosting, Yuan-Jhen also provides a variety of web hosting recommendation. You can easily choose the plan that meets your needs.

What kind of web hosting do I need? Single domain web hosting recommendations|Yuan-Jhen
WordPress Hosting
Yuan-Jhen WordPress hosting adopts the advanced LiteSpeed Web Server will double the load without sacrificing performance and compatibility, and provides  one-click installation, auto-update, and various website functions to  help you to build your website in a sec. It is the best choice for an  eCommerce website!
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Best Linux SSD Single Domain Web Hosting Services|Yuan-Jhen
Linux SSD Multiple Domain Web Hosting
Multiple Domain Web Hosting allows you to host multiple websites, it includes subdomain, parked domain, and also addon domain. By using the addon-domain function, multiple domains can be put in one server space.
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Buying single domain web hosting can enjoy 25% discount, 24/7 support, and fast loading speed |Yuan-Jhen
Linux SSD Web Hosting of Advanced Resource Plan
Web Hosting of Advanced Resource Plan increases the CPU/RAM/IO resources by more than 50% compared with the general web hosting, and the performance resource is upgraded to be more advanced. This plan is suitable for users who operate e-commerce websites.
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Enterprise-level SSD hard disk
Enterprise-level SSD hard disk

SSD web hosting, fast loading speed, performance upgraded!

International-level server room
International-level server room

Adopt ISO 27001 certified savecom server room, connect to Chunghwa telecom directly, connect without barriers!

Free transfer service
Free transfer service

Transfer your website to Yuan-Jhen can enjoy a free transfer service. A 25% discount is provided to new users for the first year!

15 days free Trial
15 days free Trial

After finishing the purchase process, you can use SMS to activate a 15-day free trial OR a free transfer service.

Carry both space and traffic
Carry both space and traffic

Provide plans for small to large usage, help you to get the perfect resources.

24-hour technical support
24-hour technical support

The professional technical team is on call for 24/7/365, just like your personal IT team!

Red Hat certified team
Red Hat certified team

Our engineers are qualified with RHCE, provide you the most professional IT service.

High insurance backup system
High insurance backup system

Daily differential backup (30 copies), on 1st of each month differential backup (2 copies).

  • Other extra fees
    • Customers who do not have their own domain name can use the free subdomain provided by our company or register a new domain in our company. 
    • Purchase SSL Certificate
    • Extra traffic in a single month:setting fee US$1.67 per time and US$0.67 per GB ( competitors usually charge US$1.67 to 100 per GB ). 
    • Dedicated independent IP:US$8.33 per month ( US$83.33 per year ).
    • Program installation:US$16.67/per program ( free for the first time ). 
    • Account restoration:use self-service restoration: free. Manual restoration per account cost US$10 per time
  • Free Change of URL, account, and account rebuild
  • Description of free website transition
  • Buy web hosting & Apply free hosting trial
  • upgrading / downgrading the web hosting plan
  • Web hosting is limited to send 300 messages per hour

  • Prohibited items
    • Spamming or newsletters without the consent of recipients is strictly prohibited.
    • It is forbidden to set up game-related forums or game plug-in sites 
    • black-hat SEO-oriented websites or public Web proxy services 
    • forum programs written in CGI language, chat rooms, or other programs that consume excessive hosting resources. 
  • Upload traffic is free, which refers to the traffic that flows from the client to the company's server. For example, a user uploads a file to the company's server through a web program, which is upload traffic and will not be charged. *Except FTP*; Please use free FTP space or use relevant programs to backup important data in the host regularly. If you need such information, please apply to the service staff after payment. If you need a complete backup of the automatic system on a regular basis, you can refer to our cloud host service.
  • Users can pay the difference to upgrade the plan when the plan traffic is insufficient, no downgrade is allowed afterward.
  • The cPanel console is recommended to log in using Firefox 17 or above, IE 11.0, or Google Chrome.
  • 30-day Money-Back Guarantee: All the plans on this page have a 30-day refund guarantee if the trial is unsatisfactory. The 30-day money-back guarantee does not apply to the domain and the processing fee of US$1.17 for using the payment system in convenience stores. The processing fee for using a bank ATM or credit card will be exempted. If you use the free website migration service, we will deduct US$16.67 transfer fee per website. No refund will be given after 30 days.
  • For the rest of the regulations, please refer to the Company's Terms and Conditions when applying. When you apply plans from us, you signify that you agree to the company's terms and conditions.