Many companies lack IT personnel to set up and manage servers, which involve diverse expertise and require constant attention, leading to a significant management burden. Farwave Information understands your needs and provides proactive full server management services. Our engineers, certified by Red Hat, monitor your servers and data 24/7 and regularly provide detailed reports. This relieves you from tedious management tasks, allowing you to focus on developing your core business.。

Proactive server management services

List Price:248.66元
Special offer Starting from 124.33 per month
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Custom Installation Service

We offer customized streamlined installation services tailored to your needs, crafting solutions that fit your website's operational environment, freeing you from tedious manual installation processes.

Installation of specified operating system


Installation of specified service

Ex: Apache、PHP、MySQL...

Installation of cPanel service

sets up exclusive cPanel optimization

Installation of CloudLinux service (for cPanel only)

Ex: CageFS、PHPSelector、DB_Governor...

Installation of specified software

Ex: WordPress、Joomla、Discuz...

Installation of CSF/LFD firewall

Tailored security optimization settings designed for you

Complimentary additional service

List Price 31.5
Special offer price$ 0
During the promotional period, two additional value-added services will be provided free of charge.


Free assistance with KernelCare package installation.

Daily automatic security updates for the kernel, no reboot required.

Free website migration/transfers.

48-hour express migration service, providing the highest quality assistance from our engineers to smoothly relocate your website hassle-free.

24/7 server monitoring service.

We offer 24-hour system service monitoring and resource monitoring. In the event of any abnormality in system services, our engineers will promptly assist in resolving the issue and provide feedback, minimizing any potential impact.


Maintenance operations

  • Adjusting system and service settings.
  • Updating system and service versions to enhance security.
  • Customized Shell Script backup configuration (local/remote) to reduce the risk of losing important data.
  • Installation and configuration of JetBackup backup package (local/remote) to reduce the risk of losing important data.
  • Dedicated engineers verify server resources and backup status, and send monthly server management reports. We also provide system performance monitoring with MRTG charts.
  • Assistance with SSL certificate application and installation.
  • Generate traffic and email alert notifications.

Server system monitoring service.

  • Provide email or Telegram alert notifications.
  • When system services experience anomalies, engineers promptly assist in resolving the issue and provide feedback, minimizing any impact.

Other additional management services

Due to variations in additional services for each plan, please refer to the 'Additional Charges' section at the bottom of each plan page for more details.

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