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A NT$500 setup fee is needed.

Sucuri CDN WAF - A Website Application Firewall (WAF) design for SMEs

Sucuri has a management platform which you can manage all the features together and adjust the subject accordingly.

Build-in CDN can improve page speed and reduces server load, also mitigating DDoS attacks. Helping you in website management.

A Website Application Firewall (WAF) design for SMEs
Sucuri cloud-based WAF


Website Application Firewall

$8988/ YEAR

Average monthly cost: NT$749!

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Effective website monitoring

Effective website monitoring

Sucuri CDN WAF - All-rounded protection

Sucuri cloud-based WAF increase page speed

CDN to increase page speed

Sucuri WAF preform content delivery network trough global network, it caches your website content in servers all over the world, to let customers reach to it closer to reduce the loading time. It can improves the page speed up to 70%!

Sucuri cloud-based WAF Prevent DDoS

Prevent DDoS

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are expanding, especially aiming eCommerce and gaming industry. Sucuri can protect mitigate large-scale cyber attacks (layer 3, 4), auto detect and stop fake flow and Server Side Request Forgery (SSRF), and to due with the attack in layer 7. Keep you online even during the attack.

Sucuri cloud-based WAF Better than regular firewall

Sucuri CDN WAF - Protection upgrade! Better than regular firewall

Sucuri CDN WAF -Enhance protection:

Not only is it popular among WordPress users, and it also support Joolma, Drupal, and Magento. It provide related defend measures, you can set it up at the backend to use it flexibly.

If you need to customize firewall rules, you can chooseAI - WAF

Features of Sucuri CDN WAF

Attack defend & malware cleaning

The scanner will monitors for signs of website malware and indicators of compromise (IOC) in every 6 hour, notification will send to you if there is any problem. Once you agree to modify, the system will fix the problem, stop the attack, and restore the website to a secure status.

Brand Reputation & Blocklist Monitoring

Your website might be blocklist under the attack from hackers, it will be devastating to a website and causes pageview dropping. Sucuri will monitor the blocklist every day and will get you off the blocklist quickly.

Stop Hacks &DDoS

To avoid web service interruption, Sucuri WAF filters malicious traffic to prevent hacker attacks, password cracking, and suspicious programs. It can block layer 3, 4, and 7 DDoS attacks.

Defend OWASP Top 10

It can defend OWASP Top 10 effectively, monitor the security weakness to protect your website form threats and attacks.

CDN Performance

Preform content delivery network trough global network, auto cache to reduce Website traffic, improves the page speed up to 70%!

SSL Certificate Support

Sucuri will provide a free Let's Encrypt SSL to you, you can also upload your own SSL certificate to Sucuri platform. You can turn on the alarm to check on the SSL status!

HTTPS & PCI Compliant

Support HTTPS & PCI Compliant, if your website uses third-party payment, you must be verified by PCI-DSS to avoid sensitive data theft causing high fines and cancellation of website payment functions.

Easy to setup

No complicated installation procedure needed, you can set up the Sucuri protection function according to your needs.